The matter becomes ornament and coating,
the surface is shaped by the artisan style


Enrico Remori, Florentine restorer, gives his own interpretation by looking for particular substantial and chromatic effects. A challenge to overcome any material limit in order to offer a variety of sensory stimulations, emotions and that sense of well-being which can change the living space into a soul space.

MAiDeA produces ceramics items for the bath environment since 1980. Through the time MAiDeA feels the need of a creative breakthrough and creates a new project in cooperation with Enrico Remori, a specialist
in ancient surface treatment techniques.
This gives birth to a luxury items line, realized with exclusive materials.

All the basins we offer are unique pieces, entirely handmade. The structure, worked by craftsmen at the lathe, is in Florentine Cotto.
The inner surface is hand-enamelled; the outer cover is cold worked with natural mortar based
on the lime putty, overlapped in multiple layers thanks to the “fresco on fresco” technique.

Each item is produced in accordance with the largest environment’s respect in a closed
circuit: all waste is fully recovered.
Every piece originates from a common idea.
MAiDeA / Enrico Remori is a team that believes in his own work and is committed to offer an everyday life product with out-of-the ordinary contents.

The mortars based on the lime putty come to us from a millenary tradition.

The mortars based on the lime putty come to us from a millenary tradition. Known since the
Phoenix, Greek and Roman times, they have accompanied the history and evolution of the living art.
These mortars own a natural beauty and softness and have the capacity to absorb and return the light. They adapt to any type of surface. Their secret lies in a wise combination and installation of used materials, limestone, sands and natural colours.


The lime guarantees the maximum breathability and, if perfectly prepared, it becomes more and
more tenacious over time.

The sand, added to a mixture of lime and water, prevents the mortar from withdrawing when
drying, and contributes to its hardening. The best one is the river sand and the lake sand.

The pozzolana is an incoherent tuff of volcanic origin that, mixed to mortar and water, gives
hydraulic properties to the binding material.

The cocciopesto is a mixture of old roof tiles and bricks, grinded together, used as a support to the white
lime. A technique that gives the surfaces an exceptional beauty, strength and the capacity to defy time.


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