The now twenty five years of experience, the pursuit of quality in materials, design and style, have made MAiDeA a landmark in ceramics craftsmanship.

started working in the family business where the encounter between tradition and passion made me know and love the ceramic material.

I have experienced new blends and finishes on surfaces and I have started to analyze, with particular attention, the need to create new modern forms, where the trend and the dialogue of natural materials, such as terracotta and pigments, have paved the way for special applications, ignored or unknown to date.

This raises the desire to let live in the shape and color the artifact, a strategic element to complete the company's path to the innovative and artistic value of the idea.

The raw material is processed and finished by hand, with care and passion, recalling the typical local craftsmanship, the highest expression of Made in Italy.

Each creation is the value and identity of MAiDeA.

It is the end result of a long process focused on enhancement and customization of design for those who want distinguish thanks to an icon object.

We operate in the largest respect of the environment.

The production is a "closed loop": all the waste and fluid and solid emissions are completely recovered.

Design works that arouse timeless joy in the most lived spaces of the house, because life is definitely the real piece of art, and art, the greatest and most magnificent luxury, the greatest pleasure to concede to ourselves.

This is our ETHOS,

This is our LIFE STYLE!


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